About us

Dr.Saleh Malaikah


Taajeer group:​

It was established as a closed joint-stock company in 1996, with a current capital of 900 million Saudi Riyals. Considering the constant pursuit of the board of directors to promote companies and their services and to complete the workshops.
It primarily used to provide Financing Lease in a SHARI’AH compliant manner predominantly using IJARA (Islamic leasing) products, but by 2014 was the beginning of Taajeer new era as it turned to work under SAMA, while expanded its business portfolio to enter the Automotive Sector representing a long standing British-Chines Brands, in addition to, other key supportive Business Branches kingdom wide namely;
  • Operating Lease.​
  • Daily Rent.​
  • Exclusive Dealers for international Car brands.​
  • After-Sales services.​
  • 3S’ Showrooms.
    To make “ TAAJEER “ the Preferred Choice for our Customers in all automotive Services & Solutions, including; Vehicles Sales, Car Rental, Leasing, Auto-Financing, and After-Sales services.

   We aspire to becoming the preferred choice for customers, in all services related to the automotive sector, through providing fast service, sustainable value and convenience. We continue to strive in developing and improving our performance in providing the simplest procedures/processes for our customers.  

Our Goal:
   Provide integrated solutions in the automotive sector which includes Leasing & Financing, Sales , Aftersales, and Car Rental - with professional, flexible, and fast procedures.


China FAW Group Co., Ltd., founded as the "First Automobile Works," is the birthplace of China's automotive industry. As China's oldest and largest passenger car, bus, coach, and commercial truck manufacturer, the lead pioneer in the industry, FAW reaffirms its dominant position year-after-year with exciting and cutting-edge vehicles that meet and exceed the demands of our customers around the world. We understand and focus on the needs of our customers, delivering outstanding products and services. We are continually in pursuit of perfection and proud to be number one. We know that our performance is measured through the eyes of our customers and endeavor to exceed their every expectation. We remain dedicated to developing our proprietary brands while continuing to engage in mutually beneficial long-term joint venture cooperation with reliable and respected global industry leaders where engineering, manufacturing, and marketing synergies are recognized.
Our operating philosophy states that we are our customer's "First Partner," emphasizing the importance that we place on the customer relationship.