Taajeer Group launches light-duty mini trucks with powerful loading capabilities

MARCH 2016: Taajeer Group, the exclusive distributor of FAW vehicles in the Kingdom, has recently introduced FAW T-80 light commercial mini trucks in the Saudi market.

The new model will revolutionize the concept of light commercial transport solutions because of its robust specifications and strength. The FAW T-80 is the most convenient and affordable option for the light-duty transportation industry, as well as young men who are thinking about venturing into this industry with their eyes set on profits.

FAW T80 mini truck comes with a spacious bed that is 270 cm long and 158 cm wide. It has a 1.5-ton load capacity and a 1.5 liter 4-cylinder engine, in addition to a five-speed manual transmission. Its modern and new style cabin consists of an air-conditioning system and a radio with USB and CD player, combining elegance with strength and making FAW T80s the best option for any tasks no matter how hard or challenging they are.

“Day by day FAW vehicles are gaining the trust of more customers. FAW Automotive Corporation has proved to be the China’s undisputed giant automaker, thanks to its respectable and prestigious history in the auto industry,” pointed out Marwan Zawawi, GM- Marketing and Public Relations .

“The Chinese auto producer has thoroughly studied the Saudi market and identified consumer needs before launching various models of vehicles that cater to different customers’ needs. Every step was well-calculated along the way to ensure that the company can enter the market and even compete with others over meeting customers’ expectations,” he said.

Despite its tiny size, FAW T80 has proved to be one of the strongest and most highly-efficient mini trucks in all the global markets where it has been introduced. It is robust enough to haul heavy loads and handle any difficult and challenging tasks in a way that exceeds expectations, he stressed.

Taajeer Group’s studies have shown that a brilliant and promising future awaits these tiny but practical trucks, especially in the light-duty transportation sector. Making T80s available in the market will open job opportunities for Saudi youth who rely on such trucks to haul goods from one place to another.

T80s come at affordable prices for persons and businesses alike and with a five-year or 150,000 kilometers Warranty.

FAW flaunts Safety with a cross section display car to Kingdom-wide customers

Taajeer Group: Cross section car brought to the Kingdom from China

February 2016: Taajeer Group, the exclusive distributor of the China-made FAW cars in the Kingdom, will showcase a cross section of a FAW car body at mega malls Kingdom-wide to show people the high standards of quality and safety these vehicles possess. The Group wants to gauge public reactions and level of confidence in FAW motors, which in a matter of a few weeks will mark its second year in the market since its launch in the Kingdom.

Enthusiasts can get a closer look at the features of FAW cars and why these cars should be their number one choice. FAW vehicles have high-strength bodies and their design ensures optimum safety and supreme comfort for passengers. But that is not all. The high-performance feature and attractive interior and exterior design make FAW cars the best option, FAW will revolutionize the Chinese car industry in the Kingdom.

“We want FAW motoring fans and the general public to take a closer look at the features and design of these cars,” said Wael Bakr, Marketing and Public Relations Manager, FAW.

“We have full confidence in the quality of FAW products. We will not rely on traditional methods such as the audio-visual media, rather, we will use innovative campaigns to promote the FAW brand to all customers,” he explained.

Taajeer Group’s ultimate goal is to make customers discover for themselves that FAW cars are the perfect option and to change public perception of Chinese cars. FAW Automotive Corporation is China’s pioneer auto manufacturer and the biggest investor in this industry with a 60-year history of innovation. It is China’s state-owned automotive corporation and its manufacturing facilities make a large number of European and Japanese autos.

FAW brands are on display now at mega malls in Riyadh, Jeddah and the Eastern Province. Also, FAW-branded cars have been showcased at all major auto exhibitions, the latest of which was the Jeddah-held 4x4 Motor Show.

FAW to participate in 4x4 Motor Show

February 2016: FAW Car Company, the Chinese giant automotive manufacturer, is going to participate in the 4x4 Motor Show due to be held in Jeddah between 18-21 February 2016. The company aims to raise enthusiasts’ awareness about the unique features of the X80 Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) and gauge public reactions about the much-anticipated vehicle.

Taajeer Group, the exclusive distributor for FAW cars in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, has finished the final preparations for the event in order to present X80 SUV properly to all die-hard enthusiasts in the Saudi market. The Group debuted FAW cars last year and introduced the Saudi consumer to the gigantic automotive company, which has been operating for over the past six decades.

“This event presents the best opportunity to interact with FAW motoring fans and identify their needs. The fans will get a chance to test drive the X80 SUV and feel its power on the driving test tracks under the supervision of a team of specialists,” said Wael Bakr, Marketing and Public Relations Manager, FAW Car Company.

“We are always keen to seize every opportunity to enhance customer services. The high-quality, elegant and appealing features and capabilities of FAW cars will certainly revolutionize the way consumers view Chinese cars.

FAW’s share of the Saudi auto market is increasing slowly but surely and we are keen to win customers’ confidence and provide them with top-notch after-sale services,” he stressed.

FAW cars have been in the market for less than a year and the Group is working constantly with the giant manufacturer to identify the real needs and specifications of the Saudi market and make the 4x4 SUVs available to all consumers, he explained.

A new model of FAW cars combining the features of large 4x4s and medium-size sedans will be launched in the Saudi market in the future.

Taajeer opens mega showroom for "FAW" cars "FAW" marks a new era in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia – Taajeer Group, the exclusive dealer for the Chinese cars "FAW", marked a new era in Saudi Arabia through officially opening of its mega and integrated Center in Jeddah. The mega center represents a milestone for "FAW" cars as being the largest center for "FAW" cars in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East.

This new facility outshines the leading level and very modern equipment for providing various services to clients under one roof, including sales and after-sales services. In addition to a large spare parts warehouse to avoid delay of customers.

Opening of "FAW" cars center in Jeddah, which was built on an area of 5000 square meters, comes in line with Taajeer Group's strategy to expand and provide exceptional service to its client kingdom wide; through the opening of modern facilities for providing integrated services.

Noting that the construction of "FAW" cars center has begun in January 2015, and now almost a year later, the final look brilliant of the Centre outshined after it was revealed.

Being a mega car center in Jeddah, "FAW" center offers main showcase area, car service workshops equipped with 15 cranes, in addition to two fully equipped car painting ovens, and spare part exhibition connected with spare parts warehouse and workshops for the quick provision of spare parts.

In view of the large capacity, the Centre can receive customers' cars at any time of the day. The Center, as well, has administrative offices, spacious workshop manned by skilled and highly qualified technicians, trained at FAW factory in China.

In his speech at the press conference held for this purpose, Engineer Hasan Naghi, "FAW" General Manager, underlined the importance of opening this remarkable center in Jeddah, which represents a new and exciting chapter for "FAW" cars in Saudi Arabia, and said that similar centers will be opened soon in Taif, Dammam, Yanbu, Medina as well as the Saudi capital Alriaydh, and added that the opening of this center coincides with the introduction of new commercial models to the Saudi market.

"The new showroom compliments our current site and allows us to stock more vehicles and display more cars indoors, we guarantee an unrivaled professional and courteous service." He added.

Meanwhile, Omar Hindi, CEO and Managing Director of Taajeer Group, said: "We are encouraged by the demand for FAW models to strengthen our presence as well as to mark a new era for "FAW" cars in Saudi Arabia. We are confident that our new, exceptionally high quality centers not only showcase our move into a new era, but also will play a significant role in bringing the "FAW" brand to more customers and enthusiasts in Saudi Arabia."

Hindi added: "we have launched a long-term strategy for the promotion and marketing of this important car brand in order to achieve the highest level of services to our customers, and place it on the right path."

The new "FAW" cars center is located Palestine street the dynamic business street, and was designed to exhibit the automotive architecture, modern and extraordinary visual language of "FAW".

FAW is a leading brand in the Chinese automotive industry, where it has a long history which goes back to sixty years of innovation. The company has strategic manufacture partnerships with world’s leading automakers such as Toyota, Audi, Volkswagen and Mazda. The leading Chinese car manufacturer FAW exports its cars to over 70 countries around the world. FAW is very keen to adopt and apply latest production technologies and methods, and takes advantage of the most advanced management measures to offer its clients with the best cars, commercial vehicles and buses in terms of quality and designs.

FAW cars participate in the Saudi International Motor Show and showcases various fantastic models

Jeddah – Taajeer Group, the exclusive dealer for the Chinese cars “FAW" in Saudi Arabia, announced its participation in the thirty-seventh session of the Saudi International Motor Show (SIMS), to be held in Jeddah in mid-December. FAW will showcase many models of its cars available in the market; giving an opportunity for fans and lovers of “FAW" cars to get a close look at the latest technologies and driving systems adopted by the company in its latest models.

Participation of "FAW" cars in SIMS comes within Taajeer Group’s keenness to be as close as possible from its current and potential clients; to familiarize them with the latest updates and improvements that have been adopted and utilized in the manufacture of these fantastic vehicles. FAW is one of the first Chinese companies to enter the automotive industry sector, and produces first made in China cars.

Noting that FAW cars are manufactured entirely in China in cooperation with many global automakers such as Mazda, Audi, Volkswagen and Toyota, with a strict application of highest international manufacturing standards and quality control; to ensure best car quality. Such strict quality control measures enabled this brand to top Chinese list of automakers brands, and also open the door widely for export to many countries including the Middle East.

Commenting on this participation, Wael Baker, National Manager, Marketing and PR Department for FAW brand, said: “ FAW cars participation in the SIMS edition of this year comes within the overall framework of our strategy for marketing and creating awareness of this respectful Chinese car brand, and also to be as close as possible to our customers.."

He added: "We will showcase a wide range of models, including Oley, B50, B70, X80 and V80. We shall dedicate a specialized marketing team at our pavilion in the show to respond to queries from visitors, as well as to provide technical information on the strong performance and highly sophisticated features of FAW cars. The marketing team will be pleased to offer finance deals to those who are interested. "

FAW is a leading brand in the Chinese automotive industry, where it has a long history which goes back to sixty years of innovation. The company has strategic manufacture partnerships with world’s leading automakers such as Toyota, Audi, Volkswagen and Mazda.

The leading Chines car manufacturer FAW exports its cars to over 70 countries around the world. FAW is very keen to adopt and apply latest production technologies and methods, and takes advantage of the most advanced management measures to offer its clients with the best cars, commercial vehicles and buses in terms of quality and designs.