Historical Moments


9 June, 1953

Chairmen Mao Zedong of people republic of China signed off on the final project plans which called for factory completion within 3 years. Mao Zedong took a strong personal interest in the exciting project, later autographing the foundation stone of the new factory to symbolize the country's new independent ability to create the tools necessary for a modern transportation infrastructure.

15 July, 1953

The foundation stone laying ceremony for First Automobile Works (FAW) was held

September, 1953

The first factory buildings began to take shape with assistance from the Engineer Corps of the Chinese Military.

2 November, 1953

The first batch of 39 trainees traveled to the Stalin truck factory in the former Soviet Union for instruction in truck production.

Hongqi.. 1960

28 September, 1958

The first Hongqi open-top limousine for use by select government officials was produced.

16 March, 1960

A Hongqi luxury sedan was exhibited at the Leipzig International Exhibition.

June, 1997

Shares of FAW Car Co. Ltd. were listed for the first time on the Shenzhen stock exchange

... 2006

FAW Group introduced its new Besturn performance luxury brand with the market launch of the attractive new C301 sedan

The 2.56 million units sold made it the third most-productive vehicle maker in China that year, and one of its offerings, the FAW Xiali, was the 7th most-purchased car in China

B50.. 2010

Besturn B70…2012

FAW Cars released face lifted Besturn B70 1.8 liter on June 25. Developed by FAW on basis of Mazda’s L8, the aluminum 1.8 liter features S-VT (sequential Valve Timing) technology and can deliver up to 102Kw of power and 172Nm of torque. It is the first of FAW’s ET3 series engines to come to a production model